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Kmiec still 98% behind Obama


Former American Ambassador to Malta Douglas Kmiec says he will almost certainly publicly endorse Barack Obama in the 2012 US presidential election.

“I would say there is a 98 per cent chance of endorsing the President, coupled with the statement that I think the President is doing a great job,” he tells The Sunday Times in an interview, the Times of Malta reports.

“I think Mr Obama is doing a superb job. He’s someone who has made good on his principal promises against substantial headwinds,” he says, citing the President’s way of tackling of the country’s difficult economic situation, the extension of health insurance and his performance on the international stage as reasons why he should support him.

Prof. Kmiec stressed that the State Department never really understood the mandate given to him by Mr Obama, which was the promotion of interfaith dialogue in Malta.

Prof. Kmiec also revealed that his car accident in California last August which killed two of his friends, was caused after he fainted because of medication he takes for Parkinson’s disease.

“I had a low heart rate, and the low heart rate combined with this medication caused me to faint for four seconds and the car slipped off the road and into that ravine,” he says.


Outgoing US Ambassador still supports Obama (Times of Malta)



  1. Jim says:

    Mr. Kmiec’s reasons for saying “I think Mr. Obama is doing a superb job” are ludicrous. Mr. O. has done nothing but create enormously more debt for this nation, discourage free enterprise and job development (which keeps unemployment unbearably high), and do all he can to advance government intrusion and coercion into our lives, along with an anti-life, anti-family, pro-death legislative agenda.

    Resigning or choosing not to run for a second term would be the best thing Mr. Incompetent could do for the country, sparing us from decline into further and inexorable social disintegration and mediocrity. God help us if US voters are blind and stupid enough to re-elect him.


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