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Dolan loves the gay community


Archbishop Dolan reacts to the passage by New York State of a law authorizing same-sex marriage.

Timothy Dolan says he loves the gay community (OTM Now/YouTube)



  1. r says:

    yes, archbishop, fighting against gay people’s equality isn’t just “taken to be offensive,” it IS offensive.

    please think about how offensive it is to attempt to sway politicians to maintain discriminatory laws before you speak in the future

  2. Dave in San Juan Capistrano CA says:

    This is a slippery slope friends. The Bishop of Orange CA in one of his first statements as Bishop stated that the Diocese of Orange was now going to be “gay friendly”. Shortly after this statement of inclusiveness, one of his priests sent out a Christmas Card stating that he and his gay live in lover send their best wishes to all. Despite several complaints about a parish priest living an openly gay lifestyle, the good bishop did nothing — being the gay friendly Bishop he was. Finally after several lawyers in the diocese brought this to the attention of Rome, the priest was given the choice — give up your live in lover or leave the Church. He chose his lover.

    • David, Chicago says:

      OK, so because of this situation, we jettison the gospel, the prime directive of which is to love one another? I agree with you, though. Once you start loving people unconditionally as Jesus does and teaches us to do, it IS a slippery slope. All of our prejudices and self-righteousness starts to slip away, and we realize that we are all unworthy sinners loved nonetheless to the death by Christ, and thus must go and do likewise.

  3. Leon says:

    Sure. We love bin Laden too but that doesn’t mean we agree with what he does nor that he doesn’t have a high probability of being in Hell.

    • David, Chicago says:

      What a presumptuous and arrogant statement. May everyone be spared from your kind of love, Leon.

  4. Charles Bolser says:

    The archbishop loves gays -but they can’t be buried from a church in San Diego – it is a most interesting time

  5. I wonder if Archibishop Dolan would publicly state that he “loves Nazism”, I don’t think so. But he “loves the gay community”, who are much more harmful to the Christian faith and society than Nazism ever was. This is a prime example of the “spiritual cancer” that exists in the Catholic Church. It must be eradicated as soon as possible.


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