Australian parishes positive on new Mass translation

The new translation of the missal was used at Australian Masses for the first time on Sunday, and won praise from a priest of almost six decades and another who has just celebrated his first Mass.

Father Tim Norris, 82, and Father Greg Morgan, 24, agreed the translation was richer and more devotional, and had been well received, reports the Australian.

Father Norris, ordained in Rome in 1955, and who said mass in Latin for his first 10 years as a priest, found the new version much easier.

“So many priests and people felt let down in the late 1960s — not by the loss of the Latin or the fact that the priest had to face the people, but because so much richness was lost,” said the parish priest of St Kevin’s Geebung, on Brisbane’s northside.

“The new text will have a transformative effect, invoking a strong sense of the sacred,” he said, because it is “so different from everyday speech, and will turn people’s minds and hearts to the mysteries of the faith”.

Father Morgan, one of five priests ordained in Sydney on May 20, said young priests and mass-goers he met were “nothing but positive” about the translation.

“The difference between the two translations is incredible, with the new one being so rich and beautiful,” said Father Morgan, who elected to use the new translation for his first mass at St Christopher’s Holsworthy in southwestern Sydney.

Cardinal Pell, the Archbishop of Sydney, said the first masses in the new translation had gone smoothly at Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral, and he had good feedback from parishes. “People are quietly appreciative,” he said.

Many parishes began to use the new text on Pentecost Sunday. Parishes have until the first Sunday of Advent to make the full transition.


New translation of liturgy launched to mass applause (The Australian)


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