Tijuana priest goes missing

A Catholic priest from Tijuana has disappeared and authorities are investigating.

Father Salvador Ruiz Enciso was last seen Sunday, but authorities were not alerted until two days later, the Baja California Attorney General’s Office said yesterday, FoxNews reports.

Father Ruiz’ assistant, Ana Karla Bermudez Renteria, said personnel at Divino Rostro church in Tijuana grew concerned when Ruiz Enciso did not show up Monday to officiate at Mass.

People from the church went to the priest’s residence, where they found a mess and no sign of Ruiz Enciso, she said.

Also missing is money from the church collection plate and a 2000 Ford Explorer owned by the parish.

Police discovered child pornography inside the residence.

“I doubt very much that they would have belonged to the father, they were CDs and child pornography. I believe they were planted,” Bermudez said.


Priest goes missing in Tijuana, Mexico (Fox News)


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