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No communion comment from Cuomo


Governor Andrew Cuomo has refused to respond to comments by canon lawyer Edward N. Peters that he he should be barred from receiving communion because he’s living with his girlfriend, Sandra Lee.

The day after he was inaugurated, Cuomo received communion at an Albany church from Bishop Howard Hubbard. That move has drawn fire from a consultant to the Vatican’s highest court, Edward Peters, who attacked the governor’s living situation and said the bishop engaged in a “failure of pastoral care” by offering communion to the divorced governor.

“My religion is a private matter and I believe most people’s is. If they choose to keep their religion private they can. For me I choose to keep my religious practices private and not discuss it in the political arena,” Cuomo told reporters Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Bishop Hubbard said in a statement that “it is unfair and imprudent to make a pastoral judgment about a particular situation without knowing all the facts.”


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  1. Maryann Fox says:

    I was baptized 81 years ago, have been in church ministry for 60 years, and find it very hard to tell my RCIA candidates just what is happening to our Church. Many of our people could not kneel for Communion. So now would they not be able to receive Communion.I’ll bet the Pope,Cardinals, and priests that were part of Vatican II are shaking their heads in Heaven. I was part of the team that explained the changes of Vatican II, and now, because of a few Cardinals, we must all obey their whims, and re-educate the church members. What part does the laity play in the church? Does anyone ask us? When I research Church history, and read about all that went on in Florida with the priest and seminarians,and seminaries, I shudder. There are so many leaving the Church, I pray that some of our leaders, reflect on the times, and are guided by the Holy Spirit in some of their decisions. I believe that the 12 apostles were sitting at table when they received at the Last Supper.

  2. ronald chiesa says:

    I find the catholic church very hypocritical in it’s judgement of politicians. Deny communion to democrats if pro-choice or if percieved to be living in sin all the while ewtn shows rudy guilliani receiving communion from the pope in new york during his visit (A man on his third wife) These right wing religious conservatives have the church so fooled that the church helps get them elected using abortion as a scare tactic. If republicans are so pro-life, why when they controled the white house, senate and house didn’t they introduce a bill to overturn roe vs wade? Because they could care less about the middle class all they want is the religious vote.they vote down any and all programs that would help the poor, immagrants, homeless. If you open the bible to any verse where God says to help your fellow man, right wing is against it. The church needs to get its head out of the sand


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